Pedigree For: Ice Of the Lake at Cedar Creek
Provided By: MJ'S Upland Dog Haven
  Ice Of the Lake at Cedar Creek  
  Boo Hound's Scub  
  Ridgeline Fancy Jewel  
  Goog's Bad Scub  
  Jypsy Mae  
  Ridgelines Fancy Blue Scout  
  Domiel Luckie Lady  
  Fritz's Big Rod  
  Mad Mikez Mississippi Molley  
  Dixie Mae  
  Fancy Blue Scout  
  Pepper Pheasant Flusher Smith  
  Missouri Slick Cajun  
  Outback Rileys Reaction  
  (HOF) 5xNC NFC NSDC NASDC FC Heide's Mighty City Slicker  
  Cajun's Burning Desire JH  
  Born Ranch Jareds Farley  
  FC/NFC Sanjo Sin City Slicker (National All Age Champion)  
  FC AFC Natl Shooting Dog CH Heidi Ho-Pinehurst  
  Browny Buster Boy  
  Emily IV  
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